The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea as a source for beauty and healing

The Dead Sea is known for thousands of years as the source of beauty, and healing. Already in ancient times Kings have let wounded soldiers come to the Dead Sea to heal there. Not only that climate plays an important role but also the unique composition of the water. This is one of the best treatments for skin diseases or skin blemishes. But even with the daily skin care can do wonders.

The Dead Sea is about 800 square kilometers of free outflow lake which is fed by the Jordan. Parts of the Dead Sea are located in Israel, West Bank and Jordan. The water of the Dead Sea is now about 400 m below sea level. The average temperature in August is 35-40 Celsius Degrees with a rainfall of only 50-100 millimeter per year.

The Dead Sea

Whereas most of the planet’s oceans are only 3% saline, the Dead Sea contains 
33 % Salt as well as 26 different dissolved Minerals. Some of these are inured 
to oxidation, while others are water soluble, making them easily absorbed by 
the skin where they unfold their healing power.

While the nearby Mediterranean has about 0.03% magnesium, the Dead Sea offers 
7-8% of this important Mineral – required by the body to stimulate the 
metabolism with strong Anti-Stress and Anti-Aging components. Along with the 
high Magnesium, the Dead Sea also has Calcium, Bromide and Potassium – all 
necessary components to enhance beautiful skin and the overall health.

These Minerals are highly concentrated in the Dead Sea more than 10 times 
compared to other oceans. Dead Sea Minerals, found in the water and the Mud 
improve Blood Circulation and purify the skin, supporting the skin’s natural 
moisture balance, removing impurities, leaving skin radiantly healthy.

Dead Sea Salt, extracted by natural condensation of the sea water, retains 
its high concentration of minerals and trace elements. It is considered to 
be the most precious source of health and beauty.

The Dead Sea 

Today science confirms what the inhabitants of the Middle East seemed to know 8000 years ago: The Dead Sea water has the unique ability, not only to heal, but to make the skin look younger and healthy. The salinity of the Dead Sea is up to 33%. The average is 28%. The average salinity of the Mediterranean is about 2-3.5%. The water differs mainly in the mineral composition of normal sea water.

Dead Sea Minerals 


The five mainly occurring in the Dead Sea minerals are:
1. Magnesium (50%) - enhances cell viability and has healing properties 
2. Sodium (30%) - provides energy for active transport through the membrane 
3. Calcium (14%) - has a calming effect and helps to keep the balance of minerals 
4. Potassium (4%) - improves the getting through of vital nutrients through the cell membrane 
5. Bromide - has a healing, soothing and antiseptic effect.

Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, 400 m below sea level.
• Formed 3 million years ago when a fracture occurred amidst the Jordan rift valley.
• 32% salinity, the highest salt content of all seas' waters.
• The Dead Sea contains 43 billion metric tons of salt.
• Oxygen level: 10 times higher than that of any earth atmosphere.
• Atmosphere: very dense.
• UV rays: Filtered