Privacy Policy & Payments.

IsraSpa will never give out any of your email information. When you place an order with we need to collect certain information from you including your address, phone number, name and credit card information. Because our website and database use 128 bit SSL encryption, your information is kept safe from hackers or email spammers. IsraSpa will never divulge your email address or any other information you provide to us. We hate email spam and telemarketers just as much as you do and we value your privacy!

Israspa is using secure online payments provided by 2Checkout

2Checkout Security

2Checkout has advanced fraud protection, using more than 300 fraud rules whenever someone makes a purchase through your website. This is pretty impressive considering it covers all the bases you would expect. 2Checkout is PCI Level 1 certified, which is the highest level a company can have. They also have a three-tier defense strategy for detecting fraud in real-time. The goal is to call out fraudulent activity before it happens, and it seems like 2Checkout is doing a good job of it.

You can choose the gateway that you prefer to do the payment.